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Suburban Events helps find and book the perfect food truck for your event.  We specialize in managing regular food truck programs for commercial office spaces and residential communities.  We also work closely with event organizers to select and book the perfect food truck for corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, and even festivals. 


Food trucks are trending for a number of reasons and people can't get enough!  At Suburban Events, we believe that lunch and dinner time is sacred and the experience should be something that people look forward to.  Our food trucks are vetted to ensure they will deliver a professional, positive experience while serving a variety of high-quality fresh food.  


Suburban Events is committed to making it easy for you to bring food truck service to your property or event.


Combining her passions of food, organizational efficiency, and supporting local small businesses, CEO & Founder of Suburban Events, Liz Werner, is dedicated to bringing a rotation of high-quality lunch options straight to the door of suburban workplaces and special events.  Prior to dreaming up Suburban Events, Liz spent 8 years in the food service industry in various capacities.  She graduated from Purdue University in 2006 with a BS in Economics and went on to spend nearly a decade in international client operations for a private investment firm.  


Much of her career has been spent building and developing organizational processes from scratch and revamping operations to increase efficiency and productivity.  Liz launched Suburban Events in the Portland Oregon market in March of 2016.  The programs she has developed have injected millions of dollars of revenue into the Oregon mobile food truck community, marketing individual brands to nearly a million customers,  while providing a tangible benefit for employers and property managers to offer to their employees and tenants. Liz takes pride in helping small businesses expand their reach and connect with new, long-term customers.

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