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COVID-19 Update

To Our Supportive Community,

At Suburban Events, and on behalf of our entire food truck fleet, the health and wellness of our community, customers, and employees is our absolute first priority.  Like you, we are concerned about recent developments surrounding COVID-19 and we are committed to taking proactive steps to minimize risk.

Here are the precautionary measures that will be mandatory for all trucks.  

  • Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or has been in contact with someone with symptoms, will not be permitted to work on the truck.

  • Masks are required for anyone working in the truck.

  • Shared condiment bottles are not permitted.

  • Touchless payment processing is encouraged whenever possible and wipes will be provided for use when credit cards and/or payment processing machines will be passed between customers and/or food truck employees.

  • Common exterior surfaces that are touched by customers are wiped down with disinfectant at least every hour.

  • Truck owners will post a sign on the truck to communicate any additional measures they are taking to minimize risk.

  • Food truck workers will monitor the area around the truck to ensure social distancing standards are followed. 

We'd also like to thank our loyal customers who greatly understand the importance of supporting small local businesses.  With all large events canceled for the year, the rotating residential programs are the only source of income for many food truck owners and their employees during this time.  If your office remains open, we'd love the opportunity to feed you and your colleagues for as long as conditions remain safe!


The Suburban Events Team

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